Lombrico - A design worm composter made from intelligent wood

Easy to use

Recycling your organic waste in the city has never been easier. Lombrico allows you to live an enriching worm composting experience on the daily basis. This urban worm composter will accompany you during the various stages of processing your food waste into fertiliser.  

Faire du compost en appartement avec un lombricomposteur en bois design
Le pot de fleur composteur de natuco s'intègre facilement dans tout types d'intérieurs.

Elegant design

Like a tree always finds its place in the forest, we wanted to do the same thing with Lombrico. We gave it a modern design so that it can easily blend with the decor. It will thus find its place by your side in your home and will guide you daily in your new composting adventure. 

Le pot de fleur composteur de natuco s'intègre facilement dans tout types d'intérieurs.

Customisable, for you

Whether the worm composter Lombrico finds its place in your living room or your kitchen, choose amongst various accessories that will make the piece of furniture fit perfectly to your lifestyle. Because the best Lombrico is the one that you’ll have customised. 

Personnalisez votre lombricomposteur avec des accessoires adaptés et des couleurs élégantes.

Worm composting, the solution to recycle organic waste in the city.

“It smells and feels good.”

Fruits and vegetables’ peel, coffee grounds, tea, eggshells and even paper can be recycled daily in our design worm composter, even in a flat in the city. It is not necessary to have a garden to compost your food waste. Our furniture piece promises a beginner-friendly worm composting experience and is always within easy reach in your kitchen. The Lombrico can collect the daily organic waste of a household of one to three persons. The method does not smell and the user rarely touches the worms. Once the organic waste is thrown into the composter, you can let the composting worms do their work. Our design worm composter allows the same process of transforming your organic waste as it can be observed in nature. 

Lombrico fait entrer du vert dans les appartements.
Recycler les biodéchets en intérieur avec simplicité

The worm composter made of intelligent wood, a decoration idea to share immediately

The urban worm composter by Natuco is combined with a design piece of furniture and takes part in a sustainable decoration. Its hand-crafted design also reduces the environmental impact. The design worm composter is a custom-made gift idea for city-dwellers attentive to protect the environment. The Lombrico gathers nature-lovers around eco-responsible habits that are easy to set up living an eco friendly lifestyle. Join us in our action!


The worm composter, an endless source of natural fertiliser to green up your city flat.

The wooden worm composter creates a natural habitat to the composting worms that feed themselves of organic waste and process it into natural fertiliser. Their digestion gives you a premium quality compost as well as a nutrient substrate very useful for indoor green plants and vegetable gardens put on the balconyThe green plants enjoy nutrients from the worm composting and can evolve like in the ground.

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