How worm composting changed our apartment life

Today it would be inconceivable to backtrack. Since the moment we started to use our worm composter for the apartment, we don’t throw our organic waste in the trash can and can indeed say that composting changed our life. 

We noticed changes and outstanding advantages since we put back our food trash in the virtuous circle that is worm composting. In some sort, this consists of giving back to nature what it gave us. 

On top of that, worm composting is an easy and rewarding action. We are convinced that it can change your life! This is how our indoor composter changed our life: 

1: Much less of trash in the trash can

Organic waste is 30% of our trash cans. When we start worm composting, we can quickly realise how important these waste are in our daily life. Fruits and vegetables peel, coffee grounds, tea, eggshells… 

They all until now ended up in our trash can but with no value added. Thanks to our wooden indoor worm composter, this time is gone.

Today, all of that organic waste finds their place in our piece of furniture worm-composter, a relief for our trash can. This means less rubbish bags used and less trips to the trash can in front of your apartment block. But also, putting the organic waste in our wooden indoor worm composting piece of furniture is an action that we like and that gives us a feeling of serenity. 

Moreover we know that those waste will be soon transformed into fertiliser for our plants.

biodéchets dans lombricomposteur, geste écoresponsable

2: The trash can does not smell bad anymore

Throwing all of the waste in the trash bin can lead to nasty odours. Indeed, organic waste deteriorates in a not-suitable environment. And this is maybe one of the reasons that scare people to start worm composting. “Does it smell bad?”– Guess what? No!

Why make compost in an apartment with earthworms?

The worm composting method, if well done, does not smell. And the method is simple: for a handle of organic waste, put a handle rich in carbon matters that you can find everywhere: cardboard, kraft paper, egg box… The balance between the two handles helps not to have any nasty odours. This is the best method for the apartment. 

Since we set our worm compost bin up, we never smelled nasty odours in our apartment. And we even got rid of the nasty odours from the trash can. 

Our wooden indoor worm compost bin is more stylish than a trash can

Not only that it does not release nasty smells, our indoor worm compost bin from Natuco was made to perfectly fit our apartments and in the first place, yours. Thanks to its refined lines associated with the use of natural materials that are respectful of the environment, it’s impossible to feel indifferent about our design worm compost bin. Moreover, it looks like a console table, and  either has a shelf, edges, or a flowerpot, it then becomes unbelievable to want to hide it. In a word, it transforms our decoration and this is for the biggest pleasure of the Earth! 

3: We reduce our organic waste

Worm composting allows us to deeply become aware of our actions. When we start composting, the quantity of organic worms might be alarming. It is now easier to know where those waste are from and change some habits. 

This way, other actions flow like not wasting anymore and eating some fruits and vegetables with their peels (high in vitamins such as cucumber, carrot, potato…) or finding new recipes to use some parts that we would not normally care for:  radish or carrot tops or the green part of leeks. This makes us deeply change our habits and makes us care for our health. 


4: We buy in a more ecologically responsible way

By recycling our organic waste, we also became more aware of our other waste, especially plastic. Generally speaking, worm composting encourages us to buy in a more ecologically responsible way. 

Today, we buy wrapping-free products if possible, we eat seasonal products that we buy to local producers, we go grocery shopping with our own reusable fabric bags… 

We know that it is possible to decrease our waste in general, and this can often be made when we are buying things.

We see it: choosing an indoor composter is life-changing. More than a decrease in the waste, it allows a global thinking on our ways to consume. 

acheter local et de saison avec natuco

5: Thanks to our indoor composter, our plants as well as the ones of our relatives go along wonderfully

We have to admit that we love to take care of our plants and that we always try to do our best so that they thrive. But it seems like not everybody has “a green thumb” or the time to take care of them.
After some collections of fertiliser made by our indoor composter, we could share them to our relatives as one of the many advantages of this piece of furniture is that thanks to the earthworms’ work, our organic waste deteriorates way quicker! Count 2 to 3 months against 12 to 18 months for a traditional composter. The compost made by the worms is black and smells like undergrowth. 

And the magic happens all the time! The worm compost will not burn the plants and also allows them to feed all the substrates. Result: this will give instantaneous energy to the plant, protect it and help grow some of them. We could see those results in our surroundings but also in our plants that found a new youth. Moreover, thanks to the innovative system of our wooden indoor worm compost bin, collecting compost is a child’s play! 

Cofondatrice qui met du lombricompost dans une plante

6: We improved our environmental impact

Today, we remember all of these years where we lived in the city and all of those organic waste that could have been reduced or recycled. Even though we always tried to be conscious about our actions for the environment, the truth is that we weren’t as conscious as we would have wanted.

But we get better everyday and worm composting was the key to an added positive environmental impact. Our carbon footprint, because of travels and burning of our waste,  is now reduced. We instead make fertiliser that help plants.

réduire son impact environnemental avec le lombricompostage en appartement

7: Have an indoor composter: unanimous opinions

The indoor composter is, in our opinion, one of the best things that happened to us! Since it came in our life, we can make small actions that help the Earth everyday! 

This set-up only has advantages: 

  • It does not take a lot of space
  • It is easy to use
  • It does not need a lot of maintenance 
  • It does not smell bad 
  • It is economical
  • it is ecological and ecologically responsible 
  • And to conclude, it is pretty! 

We are so convinced of its benefits that after talking with our family and friends and convincing them, we have decided to also allow you to make your own compost with worms! 

Try our compost bin and give us your opinion, because we are certain of one thing: it will also change your life!

One thing is certain, we understand that each and every of our actions contribute to change and that every change counts. Worm composting is an easy way to live a more sustainable life in the city, act on our scales and have an impact as a group.
We will certainly not backtrack: our indoor worm compost bin changed our way of life and way to see things.

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