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Chrismas's Pack with 2 Ollas in it
Olding an handcrafted Olla
Unboxing with flyer and suprise print in it
Unboxing with two Ollas in it

Pack : 2 Ollas

  • Pack of 2 Ollas
  • Clever watering 
  • Made in France
  • Delivery in 7 days


Handcrafted in France

Your plants irrigate themselves

Decorate your flowerpot from 12 to 20 cm

Give the gift of iconic water diffusers

Idealists, pragmatists, travelers, plant lovers or simply those who already have everything: we have the perfect gift to give or to give you.

The pack with two natural water tanks will sublimate your flower pot.

Chrismas's Pack with 2 Ollas in it
Fill the olla from the top

A beautiful, useful and ecological gift

Ollas (pronounced “oya”) are porous pots made of clay. Buried in the ground next to the plants, the water put in the olla diffuses little by little by capillary action.

Ollas are an incredibly efficient and natural way to water your plants, reducing water consumption considerably.

Too much water or not enough? With an Olla the plant manages its water needs (almost) by itself. You won’t have to watch your plants anymore! 

How to use it

Step 1

Choose the plant that will benefit from the benefits of olla

Step 2

Insert the olla in the soil, next to the plant and close to the roots

Step 3

Remove the small cap and fill the olla with water

Step 4

Watch nature do its work and your plant grow

Step 5

Check from time to time if there is water left, in order to fill the olla when it is empty

Questions et Réponses

Many types of plants will welcome an olla in their pot. Only succulents will not need this clay container because they need very little water. Some examples of succulents: cactus, aloe vera, Kalanchoe…

An olla has a capacity of 20 to 25 centilitres. It can thus feed your plants in flower pots of 12 to 25 centimeters in diameter.

You can refill your olla as soon as there is no or almost no water left inside the container. At the beginning of the use, you fill it once a week. After several weeks of use, you will see if your plant needs a lot of water (the olla empties quickly) or if it does not need much water (the water will stay in the olla longer). The olla will adapt the diffusion of water to the needs of your plant. The filling requirements will therefore change (every week, every two weeks, etc.). If there is still water in the container, you do not need to add any more.