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Lombrico - The Creative

More than an indoor wormery, it is here a storage unit or even a decoration unit. Whatever you’ll put on it, your objects will be safe thanks to the shelf’s edges. 

It is up to you to choose the decoration, its name says it all!

Lombricomposteur Lombrico le Classique dimensions

Improve your apartment with a design innovative product

Let nature in you home thanks to our eco-designed wormery made of recycled and recyclable materials. 

The wormery has a clean and slender design, which makes it easy to integrate anywhere in your apartment. 

Its new air vents are an innovative concept that guarantee an optimum aeration of your worm compost bin, which is the first criterion for an odour-free system. 

Its unclippable spillway can be easily cleaned in one blow and allows you keep your indoor wormery shiny. 

lombricomposteur avec déchets
Lombricomposteur en bois design zoom sur sa soucoupe pour la récolte du lombrithé

An easy collection thanks to the compost tray that allows you to collect your worm fertiliser with ease and thanks to its transparent jar integrated under the piece of furniture. 

Need more space?

The Multitalent offers you an additional space. It is up to you to choose how to maximise it: for your worm composting or gardening tools, more into decoration with an arrangement of plants, your favourite recipe books, only you can know what to put on it. 

L'accessoire le polyvalent de natuco
Vers de compost Eisenia

The Eisenia Foetida compost worms are needed for your wormery. They are good for your ecosystem and will accelerate the rotting process of your organic waste. 

The compost worm will feed from your organic waste and won’t bother you as long as they are fed. 

Our innovative system allows you to collect worm fertiliser without being in contact with the worms


The compost tray of our Lombrico has a volume of 25 litter, which is perfect for a household from 1 to 3 people

The wormery can be suitable for more people depending on the frequency of use, if you eat your fruits and vegetables with or without the peel, and if you cook certain parts of food that are often thrown (like the wisp of carrots). You’re not certain that the Lombrico’s dimensions is adapted to your needs ? Get in touch with us via the chat or by e-mail at [email protected], we’ll gladly guide you. 

Initiating your wormery means that you should progressively increase the throwing of your waste. Start by small quantities to get your worms used to their new habitat then you’ll be able to throw up to 1kg of organic waste after a month. After that time, you can regularly throw your organic waste without any worry.

You can put different types of organic waste: 

  • Peels and fruits and vegetables’ leftovers
  • Coffee ground, tea, teabags 
  • Eggshells 
  • Dry leaves 
  • Cardboard, newspaper, eggs box, toilet paper rolls 

However, avoid throwing the following waste: 

  • Citrus fruit 
  • Garlic, onion, shallot 
  • Animal-based food (meat, fish)
  • Greased or salted food 
  • Printed paper

To speed up the transformation and the feeding of the worms, cut your waste in small bits.

Worm composting implies special compost worms, the rotting will be faster than a classic compost bin (2-3 months against more than 6 months). The worm composting method is more suitable for apartments as it is odour-free. 

Certification labels and premium materials of our indoor wormery Lombrico

At Natuco, we are concerned about the environment, that is why our wormery is designed with the deepest respect of nature and people. We chose innovative and sustainable materials.

For the compost bin’s body, we chose innovative wood that convinces thanks to its waterproofness and low maintenance. The spillway as well as the saucer are made from stainless steel to guarantee a good lasting and easier cleaning. The piece of furniture’s structure is made of steel to give the piece of furniture good stability. 


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