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Néma noire et beige dans un bureau
Dimensions de Néma 38x38x85 cm

Néma – Design wormery

  • Simple, odorless and eco-friendly
  • 100% made in France
  • Guide to composting with joy included
  • A team at your side
  • 1 Olla offered
  • Delivery within 8 weeks

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With the Néma composter, recycle your organic waste and create a natural environment at home

Our greatest inspiration is the beauty of nature and its living systems which we have gathered and integrated into Néma. An simple, design and eco-responsible indoor composter that makes our homes greener and healthier while recycling our bio-waste with simplicity. 

Reduce your waste

Compost your bio-waste and give it a second life.

Reconnecting with nature

Reconnect with nature throughout the year.

Preserving the environment

100% French manufacturing with sustainable materials.

Combining the useful to the pleasant

Decorate your home, whether you live in a flat or a house

They falling for Nema

Every day, a few simple gestures are enough

Throw away your bio-waste quickly and fill one side of the composter.

Once the first half is full, remove the flowerpot with the integrated handle.

Then turn the compost bin to fill the second side with your waste.

Composting indoors? It's possible with Néma!

A natural and odourless system to recycle your biowaste 3x faster than a classic composter.

Néma hides a system inside that we can also observe in nature : The transformation of bio-waste by micro-organisms and compost worms.

Composting with worms offers several advantages :

    1. The worms transform your bio-waste before it ferments. You can then compost indoors without bad odours.
    2. Composting worms transform your biowaste quickly, allowing you to compost in a small area and see the amount of waste reduced day by day. 
    3. The worms are self-regulating and adapt to the amount of waste put into the composter. Once installed, you won’t have to buy new worms.
    4. Another little extra? Our innovative system allows you to collect your compost without having to sort worms.

How to ensure an odourless composter?

The method for indoor vermicomposting is very simple: Mix “green” waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings with dry material such as paper, cardboard or dry leaves 50/50. Everything is explained in the user guide shipped with Néma and we are at your side to answer all your questions.


A story of balance

No unpleasant odours

Rest assured, our ecosystem is odourless and you can install it in any room in your home.

Nice and discreet compost worms

Compost worms make their life in the composter. They are afraid of light and will stay in the composter, near their food.

Ready-to-use compost within 2 to 3 months

Thanks to the compost worms, you can transform your bio-waste quickly. It’s 3 times faster than traditional composting.

Beautiful plants for everyone, even without a green thand

A flower pot with autonomous watering system

We designed the flower pot to make your life easier.We designed the flower pot to make your life easier. The moisture in the compost waters the plant thanks to the integrated mulching at the bottom of the pot.

An olla (a terracotta container)filled with water is placed in the ground next to the plant to provide additional water. The roots of the plants retain the moisture of the olla only when needed. Without wasting a drop.

Fertiliser to pamper your plants

Easy compost harvesting. Every two to three months, remove the flowerpot from the composter and harvest from the top. Without being in contact with the worms, as they will have already migrated to the other side to fresh waste.

Harvest fertilizer at a glance.  Once the composter is well launched, you can observe the water from your fruit and vegetables being released and flowing into the screwed glass jar under the composter. A second natural fertilizer!

Fertilizer use

The two fertilizers collected can be used on the soil of your flowerpot to boost your plant.

You reduce the weight of your garbage by 30% and thus reduce the amount of biowaste that ends up incinerated or buried.

You create your own 100% natural and free fertilizer for a healthier environment.

You participate in the protection of the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Plants to create your complete ecosystem

A wide range of green plants are suitable for the Néma watering system. The decorative and easy-care green plants we recommend are for example the Monstera, the Spathiphyllum, or the Calathea.  For our aromatic lovers, you can grow rosemary, basil or parsley in your vermicomposter, they will be within easy reach! If you want to place Néma on your balcony, you can grow a decorative outdoor plant for example.

For all interiors

From flats to country houses, the Néma composter is suitable for all types of interiors. It has also been designed for public and professional spaces such as cafés, restaurants, hotels, offices and schools.

When our waste becomes a new resources

More than


kg of bio-waste per person is thrown away per year. And most of it ends up being incinerated or landfilled, causing damage to our health and environment.

With Néma, compost the rest of your apple, the skin of your carrot, the grounds of your last cup of coffee, the shells of your fried egg, etc…

By putting them back into the loop, your natural ressources will water and grow your plants.

The dimensions

The colors

Available in 2 colors (black&beige)

French manufacturing with sustainable materials


We work with local steel and stainless steel manufacturers in the Loire and Rhone-Alpes regions and use only the best materials: they are durable, of high quality and easy to recycle.


The Ollas that are part of the Néma ecosystem are made by the Lutton Pottery, a French family business based in the Vendée. The origins of the pottery date back to the 16th century, and their know-how has been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries.


Les fondateurs de natuco, Felicia GRUNER et Jérémy VILLEVIEILLE

We are Felicia and Jérémy, the creators of the Néma composter, but also two lovers, friends and humans who want to participate in the preservation of the environment at their own level. 

Our mission : To create objects that allow us to reconnect with nature, all year round.

“Our greatest inspiration is the beauty of nature and its living systems, which we integrate into each piece of furniture to help protect the planet on our own scale”


You can put several types of waste in the vermicomposter: Fruit peelings, vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea (nitrogen-rich waste). Cardboard and paper (carbon-rich waste such as newsprint, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls), dry leaves. And eggshells.

After each addition of nitrogen-rich waste (vegetable or fruit scraps) you add the same amount of carbon waste (paper or cardboard)The addition of eggshells allows you to balance the PH in the composter and thus avoid attracting midges.We advise you to cut your waste finely, which helps the worms to digest it. Your waste will be transformed more quickly.

If you cut your waste into small pieces, the worms transform your biowaste quickly. You will see the amount of waste decrease day after day. When your earthworm is well launched, you can put in quantities of up to 700 grams of organic waste per week. This is suitable for a household of about 2 to 3 people.

The capacity of our Néma vermicomposter is 22 liters, which is suitable for a household of about two to three people. If you cook and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables (the green of the leek, the skin of the apple, etc.) it is even suitable for a larger household. Not sure if the size is right for you? Contact us by email at, we will be happy to assist you.


Vermicomposting does not give off any bad odours if you follow the rule of mixing “green” waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings with dry material such as paper, cardboard or dry leaves. When the composter is closed and a few simple rules are followed, you will not have any smell around.

Our Néma composter is designed in such a way that no pests can easily get into the composter thanks to the screened vents. We will send a guide with the composter explaining all the steps from start to harvest to compost happily and without gnats.

If you want to place your vermicomposter indoors, you can grow aromatic plants such as rosemary, basil, mint, etc. or decorative green plants such as calathea, monstera or spathiphyllum. However, if you want to use it outdoors, you can use it to grow a decorative outdoor green plant, for example.


Worms convert the equivalent of their own weight per day into bio-waste, allowing you to compost in a small area and see the amount of waste reduced day by day.


The minimum amount for a household of one to three people would be 250g.


This allows the worms to regulate themselves and feed at their own pace. If you throw away a lot of bio-waste, the worms will reproduce to be able to transform your waste and maintain the ecosystem in balance. You can order your composter directly with the worms. They will be sent to you in a well-protected package as soon as you receive your composter.

Your compost worms will be fine while you are away. Just feed them a quantity of biowaste proportional to the length of your trip. The worms will take care of the biowaste already in the vermicomposter. You can leave them on their own for up to 2 months.

Vermicomposting uses specialised compost worms, so decomposition will be faster than with a conventional composter (2-3 months for the vermicomposting system compared to more than 6 months for a conventional composter).

Vermicomposting is the most suitable method for indoors as it does not produce any odours.

Technical Sheet

Made in France

 Designed AND made in France

Positive Impact

 A simple eco-friendly gesture that contributes to tomorrow’s world

3x payment

Enjoy a 3x payment free of charge when purchasing your Composter

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