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Olla - Self-watering system

  • Capacity 20 to 25 cl
  • For a flower pot with a diameter of 12 to 20 cm
  • Natural terracotta
  • Made 100% in France
  • Delivery within 14 days


Beautiful plants for everyone, even without a green hand

The olla is an intelligent watering system that has been around for centuries and makes it easier for you to maintain your plants every day. Thanks to the porosity of the terracotta in contact with water, this reservoir of natural material will water your plants autonomously. 

Too much or not enough? With an Olla your plant manages its water needs (almost) by itself

Use of olla

Step 1

Choose the plant that will benefit from the benefits of olla

Step 2

Insert the olla into the soil, next to the plant and close to the roots

Step 3

Remove the small cap and fill the olla with wate

Step 4

Watch nature do its work and your plant grow

Step 5

Check from time to time if there is any water left, to fill the olla when it is empty

« Give your plant everything it needs without worrying about its health »

Check from time to time if there is any water left, to fill the olla when it is empty.

“Give your plant everything it needs without worrying about its health”.

Just as a human would wear a jewel, the olla allows the plant to have a nice accessory.

In addition, this object, although decorative, also has many practical points.

It is a way of combining the useful with the pleasant.

The olla is a beautiful link between a creation of nature and the work of man.”

French manufacture with a long history

To offer you beautiful and sustainable ollas, we collaborate with the Lutton Pottery, based in the Vendée. This family business applies all its know-how to the handmade production of each olla. Their know-how has been passed down from generation to generation and goes back to the 16th century. You will receive ollas with a real story in your mailboxes!


Made in France

Autonomous watering cans made of natural materials

The ollas are made of terracotta, a 100% natural and biodegradable material. The ollas of our partner, Lutton Pottery, are handmade and each object is unique.


You can fill your olla as soon as there is little or no water left inside the container. At the beginning of use, you fill it once a week. After several weeks of use, you will see if your plant needs a lot of water (the olla empties quickly) or if it does not need much water (the water will stay in the olla longer). The olla will adapt the water diffusion to the needs of your plant. Filling requirements will therefore change (every week, every fortnight, etc.). If there is still water in the container, you do not need to add any more.

The olla does not need to be changed. Its material and components mean that it will last well over time. However, you can wipe the outside of the olla with a cloth to keep it looking good over time.


The olla does not require any special maintenance. If you wish, you can remove the white marks around the olla that may be created. These small traces are due to the humidity of the olla and are created according to the quantity of limestone in your water. So, to clean it, you just need to wipe it with a cloth.

All plants are ready to host an olla in their pot. Only succulents do not require an olla because they need very little water.

An olla has a capacity of 20 to 25 centilitres. It can therefore feed your plants in flower pots with a diameter of 12 to 25 centimetres.

Many types of plants are happy to have an olla in their pot. Only succulents will not need this terracotta container because they need very little water. Some examples of succulents: cactus, aloe vera, Kalanchoe…