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Buy the design worm composter


Worm composter and accessories to bring nature into your home

Find here all of our products to recycle your organic waste in your home and collect your natural fertiliser. Ethic and craft-made furniture that can be customised according to your needs, composting worms to start the worm composter and gift cards to offer eco-friendly gifts to all the nature-lovers.

Choose the version that fits best to you to compost and (re)connect to nature. 

Pre-order craft-made and eco-friendly worm composters in a modern design

At natuco, we do our best to take eco-friendly choices from the conception to the use of the product. This also includes an ethical and conscious production. For us, it means to work with local partners that share our values and use environmentally respectful innovative materials, while keeping the highest quality standards in mind. This also means to produce lasting furniture in the right quantities and at the right price. Pre-ordering allows us to measure the demand and order the right quantity of materials to add value to a maximum of them.

In a world where everything goes fast, it is time to slow downBuying the worm composter is also the ideal opportunity to start a beautiful adventure and (re)connect with nature. And after a few weeks of waiting, you will receive your Lombrico like a Christmas gift! 

We have made Lombrico with a neat and clean design. Slender and with a small ground bulk (only 38 x 35 cm), it perfectly fits in your home!

Available in a black or white version, you will love its modern style! 

Did you already decide? That’s it, you are ready to take the plunge and buy your worm composter! 

You do not know which one to choose and which one is the right version for you? natuco helps you to find your answer: 

  • The classic: as indicated by its name, it is our simplest model. Easy and elegant, it can be used in all the interiors as kitchen furniture.
  • The creative: we have got the idea to add edges to the top shelf. It therefore becomes a storage space. This option is very useful, especially in our small city homes.
  • The plant lover: with this one, the circle is complete! By purchasing this design worm composter, you directly feed your plant that you will have planted with your homemade fertiliser! Practical and smart! 


The little extra : for every purchase of a Lombrico worm composter, we offer an option “with the Multitalent”. This wooden shelf affixed to the base of the cabinet adds additional storage space.

You want to introduce a friend or a family member to worm composting? In that case, you can offer them a eco-friendly gift card! After that, they can choose by themselves which of our worm composters to buy.