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Grants for the purchase of a worm composter

Regulations for source sorting of bio waste and subsidies for the purchase of a worm composter

The map of subsidies for the purchase of a worm composting machine in France

Did you know that?

Some communities offer the possibility to subsidize the purchase of an individual vermicomposter so that you can participate in the recycling of your biowaste at your scale.

Discover on this map if your city participates with a subsidy to your purchase of a vermicomposter :

The Law of Energy Transition of 2015 introduced new regulations concerning the management of bio-waste. Indeed, a generalization of the sorting at source of organic waste is planned and becomes mandatory from January 1, 2024 at the European level.

Why act on our organic waste management?

It is necessary to know that landfilling our organic waste is the source of greenhouse gas emissions. The settling of waste leads to the fermentation of organic waste in an environment without oxygen, which creates methane emissions.

In addition, the incineration of waste including bio-waste, which is generally what our communities do with our waste, also produces greenhouse gas. But also? Organic waste contains water that is burned during incineration. A process that consumes a lot of energy in an unnecessary way.

Mixed with other waste, bio-waste indirectly contributes to the production of greenhouse gases and the waste of water. This is why composting this waste is beneficial and can be easily implemented thanks to the vermicomposter.

The positive impact of vermicomposting on our environment

In a context of impoverishment of our soils, composting allows us to solve this problem in the long term because the transformation of organic matter by composting or vermicomposting makes it possible to turn it into valuable material for our plants, farmland or gardens.

It is thus a matter of creating a virtuous circle, giving back to the earth what it has offered us.

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