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Your Impact

Your impact

A simple green action that participates in tomorrow’s world

Reduce by 30% the weight of your bin and also all the organic waste that ends incinerated or buried.

Create your fertiliser 100% natural and free, for a healthier environment.

Participate in the planet's protection by reducing a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

The problem of non-valorized bio waste

Poubelle d'ordures ménagères

More than


100 kg of bio-waste per person is thrown away per year...

...this waste then ends up being incinerated or buried, causing damage to our environment and our health.

Décharge de déchets

Thanks to you

0 kg of waste already saved

Enter the circle of life

Le cycle de vie du lombricompostage commence avec vos biodéchets.

The beauty of the system that is integrated in Lombrico, comes from the virtuous circle it produces.

Your organic waste will turn into fertiliser that will improve the soil and feed your plants.

Whether you have indoor plants or you grow a vegetable garden, you give back to nature what it gave you.

And we all know that nature is very generous. The vegetables that will be grown by you or by your local producer and the leftovers you create will then be processed into fertiliser and will give back life to new nutrients.

Le cycle de vie du lombricompostage commence avec vos biodéchets. Discover our innovative concept

Reveal your inner calm

Retrouvez votre calme intérieur grâce au lombricompostage

We’re all more or less trying to evolve.

Lombrico can be a new start for a transition to a sustainable lifestyle. To see your organic waste process into fertiliser and be an actor is something rewarding. Collecting the fertiliser allows you to put your hands in the ground as we did as kids. We find back that link with nature with which we often are cut off by living in the city.

The transition is made with time and calm. Lombrico can help you find back your inner calm by creating your happy place at home. Lombrico guides you between your own well-being and the one of our planet.

For a common sustainable future

Créez durablement notre avenir commun curable grâce au lombricompostage en ville

Today, we can see more and more cities turn towards a common sustainable future. New laws are made in Europe including the Grenelle II law. Until 2023, every individual will have to find a solution to manage their organic waste, in order not to throw them in the trash bin.

Lombrico is therefore an alternative that we suggest to the management of organic waste in the city. On top of these advantages you can get your own homemade fertiliser for your plants, all year long. If you don’t get to use it for your plants, it’s still possible to share it with the people you know, like your friends, family, or even to shared gardens in your city, schools... The perfect moment to strengthen the social tie in your city.

Créez durablement notre avenir commun curable grâce au lombricompostage en ville

Made in France

Designed and manufactured in the Lyon region

Sustainable materials

We use materials that last and resist the moisture and heat of the compost

Positive impact

A simple eco gesture that contributes to the world of tomorrow