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Make compost in the city in Lyon or Paris

Make compost in the city in Lyon or Paris

Thanks to Natuco’s furniture, making our own compost in the city, including in our apartment, is doable and easy ! We designed the perfect worm composter for those that live in a small flat. Discrete and compact, Lombrico is the perfect worm composter for cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseille or even Bordeaux.

Why make our own compost ?

Learning to make our compost only has advantages. This ecological and green practise is not only for people who live in a house with a garden or a big space in the countryside. On the contrary, thanks to a worm composter in Lyon or Paris for instance, it’s possible to do magic (or almost!).

Then why do so many people start to make their own compost in a city ? Simply because there are only pros, like :

  • You significantly reduce your waste (you’ll throw away less trash). Our trash can contains on average 40% of organic waste. However, you can add value to a big part of this waste by turning it into compost. That’s the case for fruits and vegetables, eggshells, coffee ground, teabags, or even cardboard.
  • Your indoor plants will thank you: the home-made compost is very nutrient for your plants.
  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

And that’s not all ! We convinced you and you want to know more about the subject ? Discover our article about the advantages of worm composting in apartments.

Making compost in the city, a child’s play !

Thanks to Lombrico, recycling your organic waste has never been easier. You only need to throw your waste in the tray designed for it. The worms will take care of the rest. After a few weeks, you will have created a thin and flexible soil. The compost worms will naturally move to the second compartment and you’ll be able to collect the compost. The same thing goes for the worm tea (a high quality liquid fertiliser), collected in a smart tank.

Having a worm composter in Paris or in Lyon in a small space

Unlike a traditional garden composter, there are no nasty odors with Lombrico ! If you follow the simple rule : half organic waste half rich in carbon matters (newspaper, cardboard) and eggshells, your worm composter will not release any odor ! It can therefore be put in an apartment without any issue.

We designed it so that it blends in your decoration! It strongly looks like a console table. And thanks to its dimensions (38 cm x 35 cm on the side), it will perfectly fit the small spaces in towns.

Make my own compost now!