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A design kitchen compost bin

A design kitchen compost bin, an innovative eco-responsible concept

Thanks to Natuco, the environmental responsibility of the city-dwellers is not restricted to recycling glasses and plastic. The Lombrico now allows adding value to your food waste in the kitchen. The kitchen compost bin reduces the environmental impact of food consumption even in the cities. Made for all kinds of homes, the compost bin’ measurement is reduced and guarantees no nasty odors in your living room. It is practical for everyday use. Introduction of our design kitchen compost bin with all the answers you might have.

The compost bin’s user manual

To have compost made from fermentable waste, worms are needed. Compost worms feed themselves from organic waste not consumed and therefore produce a natural fertiliser. But how is the recycling made in the kitchen compost bin ? The organic waste is thrown in the opening and ends up in the compost box. Attracted by the fresh organic waste, the compost worms desert the already made compost in the other part of the tray. You just need to collect the compost quarterly. The worm tea is collected in a jar discreetly attached under the structure. The composting process is therefore unseen and does not emit any odours.

Opinions on the kitchen compost bin

You might ask yourself what is the point of recycling organic waste in an apartment in the city. The compost bin gives you a remedy to the soil’s thinning out in the pots. The collected fertilizer will therefore naturally enrich the soil. The green plants will find back their strength and flowers will multiply in the planters. It becomes easy to grow a tray vegetable garden to eat healthily for instance. Our natural design kitchen compost bin takes a prominent place in your room’s organisation. Pre-order my design kitchen compost bin