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A compost bin for my home

A compost bin for my home

Recycling does not take into account food waste in most homes. To overcome this lack, Natuco has conceived an apartment composter. City-dwellers can add value to fruits and vegetables’ peel as well as coffee grounds rather than throwing them into the trash can. Made for an indoor use, in a small space, it does not smell and guarantees a premium quality organic fertiliser.

The indoor worm compost bin for an ecological treatment of your organic waste

To make our home worm composter, we chose a sustainable solution starting from worms’ behaviour in nature. The compost worms consume the fermentable organic matter and transform the organic waste in solid fertiliser or liquid fertiliser. The compost is transformed and stocked in the first part of the compost bin. The organic waste is then thrown in the second part of the bin once the first part is full. The composter worms move to this part to continue to eat your organic waste. This transformation in the worm composter produces an easy to collect fertiliser. This process is natural. The valorisation of the green waste does not need more energy than that. Faire du compost à la maison, simple et efficace.

An environmental friendly made home worm compost bin made by Natuco

Our compost bin Lombrico offers the compost worms a custom-made home. Its wooden structure promises a suitable shelter. It also guarantees its users the separation of the compartments. You just need to throw the organic waste in the opening. Hand-crafted, the piece of furniture is respectful of the environment. Il allows nature to take place in the flats in the city. It gives a fertilizer naturally adapted to balcony planters and green plants indoors. This small piece of furniture perfectly fits your decoration. Order my worm compost bin for my home