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The indoor composter

Indoor composter

Gardening in an apartment is often limited to a few green plants and flower pots. Without organic matters implemented in nature, the soil does not provide nutrients which are necessary to the plants. The indoor worm composter is the solution: it helps to naturally enrich the soil to cultivate the planting on the balcony or even inside. Every three months, you collect the compost in the compartment and put it at the base of your plants. The worm composting method also creates a liquid fertiliser that you can pour in your pots. Apart from throwing your organic waste in the indoor composter, you don’t have to do anything.

The indoor worm composter can be used without any gardening knowledge

Our indoor composter was created for daily use. The worms can never be seen as they are inside the piece of furniture. They feed themselves from the peels thrown in the compost bin. You never have to take part. The process is natural.
Their role is however fundamental as they transform the organic waste into fertiliser. Their population will self-regulate following the quantity of organic waste thrown inside the compost box. The organic fertiliser does not require any mixture. The compost made from the reuse of the food waste is rich in nutrients useful to the plants. You can therefore simply collect the compost.

The indoor worm composter lets nature settle in the city

For all that, using an indoor worm composter is an action that contributes to the environment. The compost used is naturally made from waste. It contributes to the development of roof gardens. It therefore contributes to the revegetation of the urban environment. Ecologically friendly, the design piece of furniture that welcomes compost worms protects the environment. You’ll be happy to see your plants grow !

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