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Our Concept

Our Concept - The piece of furniture that reinvented the worm compost

Fonctionnement du lombricomposteur design et efficace

Our piece of furniture Lombrico integrates a natural system in its heart which allows you to recycle your organic waste in your apartment. The inside of a well-managed worm compost bin smells good and reminds us of the natural scent of the wood. Worm composting is a process that allows us to transform our organic waste to create humus such as the one on the forests’ ground. Transform your fruits and vegetables’ peel, coffee ground, and more into natural fertiliser.

Our innovative system allows you to collect a solid fertiliser, worm compost, and liquid fertiliser, worm tea. Those two fertilisers will feed your plants properly thanks to their nutrients.

"Smell the perfume of the forest thanks to Lombrico"

How does worm composting works with Lombrico ?

Compost works that transform your organic waste in a easy-to-use piece of furniture

Lombrico can be used all year long and can recycle the organic waste of one to three people. It allows to collect worm fertiliser every two to three months and liquid fertiliser once every two weeks.

Le lombricomposteur peut-être utilisé toute l'année

Use it all year long

Le lombricomposteur Lombrico pour un ménage d'une à trois personnes

For 1-3 people

Collection of fertiliser : 2-3 months

The process in the compost tray

First, fill up half of the tray and turn it around when it is full. While you fill up the second half, the worms will transform your organic waste and move to the other side through the perforated wall once your organic waste is digested and the fertiliser is made. Your worms will self-regulate and will adapt to the quantity of waste that will be thrown.

Première étape du lombricompostage à l'intérieur du bac Deuxième étape du lombricompostage à l'intérieur du bac Troisième étape du lombricompostage à l'intérieur du bac Quatrième étape du lombricompostage à l'intérieur du bac Cinquième étape du lombricompostage à l'intérieur du bac

And we start over...

Compost worms to accelerate the composting process

Picture credits : Jerome Poulalier

A worm compost bin has billions of microorganisms: whether those are mushrooms, bacterium, and Eisenia foetida compost worms, they are very healthy and are good for your ecosystem, and will speed up the rotting process of your organic waste.

They feed on your organic waste and won’t bother you as long as they are satisfied.

Our innovative system was made so you can collect the worm compost without touching the worms.

Know more about worm composting

Give a second life to your organic waste and bring Nature into your apartment

An easy wormery with little maintenance

Quickly throw away your organic waste and keep your apartment clean thanks to the large opening of Lombrico. This user-friendly system will allow you to throw your organic waste directly from your chopping board into the worm composter.

A protected natural ecosystem

Create a sane and pleasant ecosystem thanks to its new air vents that protect and ventilate the inside of your worm compost bin.


Collect your premium quality fertiliser in the transparent jar under the piece of furniture thanks to the filter in the compost bin and the recipient underneath that guides the liquid into the jar.

Only a glance is enough to quickly know the quantity of worm tea.

I choose my Lombrico

Your everyday life is unique, so your Lombrico should be unique, too


Choose amongst different accessories to complete your Lombrico and adapt the piece of eco-friendly furniture to your needs. Create your storage unit in your kitchen, your piece of decoration furniture in your living room or turn it into a bookshelf ...

We offer you all the elements you need to unlock your creative mind.

The Classic

An elegant worm composter. It will easily find its place in your living room or kitchen.

I discover the Classic

The Creative

More than a home worm composter, it is also a storage or even a decorative piece of furniture.

I choose the Creative

The Plant Lover

A composting flowerpot to use the compost that you have produced directly in your flowerpot.

I start with the Plant Lover


Lombrico only takes a small space on the floor thanks to its slender design and adapts to small spaces as well as big ones. Lombrico was made to offer the best experience on a daily basis thanks to its ergonomic design.

A piece of furniture that adapts to your kitchen while being practical and at the same height as a kitchen counter. But also in your living room, your corridor and other rooms of your home.

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